• Commercial CCTV

Domestic CCTV

For all the information relating to our Domestic CCTV systems, please click here, or stay on this page for commercial properties

Surveillance Types

With Commercial CCTV systems it is important to understand the type of surveillance you require (Please see below categories). Depending on your requirements we can tailor our service and products to meet your specific needs ensuring you get the best possible service.

General Surveillance

Provides general overview of specific locations in order to view or playback at a later date

Situation Awareness

Allows recognition of specific areas and allows for metrics to be produced for hazard awareness and safety.


Provides an identifiable view of a person so that you can easily view facial features, clothing or other determinants

With CCTV it is all about spending less time searching, more time finding and getting to your incidents. If you would like to book a visit to Radium to view a demonstration of the products and apps, please contact us on 0151 428 9999. 

Please note that these visits are appointment only and you will be turned away if you arrive without a booking.

Security Approval

Radium can also install systems that are CPNI approved (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approval, meaning it's approved for use on critical government infrastructure such as Civil Nuclear, prisons and military bases. It's also SBD (Secured by Design) approved meaning it's of a 'Police Preferred Specification'.