• Access Control Systems

Access Control - How it Works

  1. Access Control is a system that controls who and when someone accesses your business premises or organisation. Typically it starts from the front door of the building presenting the token to the reader. A token can be a card, fob or smartphone and will start the following process off.
  2. Switches off the alarm (if within the users access rights) - if the users has lower access rights than is required, they will not be granted access until a manager is in attendance. Alarm integration is one of the enhanced features and optionally available within the Paxton Net2 System
  3. Allows the person to go in to the building and access all areas under their access rights. Secured areas like the server room or places of high security will still remain locked. This will all be logged as well as any attempted entries by personnel.

They key products that are associated with access control systems are:

  • Fob Reader
  • Press to Exit Button
  • Emergency Release
  • Maglock