Thieves are currently taking over 45 of our loved family dogs each day

Thieves are currently taking over 45 of our loved family dogs each day all over Britain. These puppies are being stolen to order by gangs who either keep well trained pedigree dogs as fighters or use weaker dogs as bait. Our dogs are equal with our Family members, so leaving them easily accessible to gangs is not an option and is easily prevented with a few simple steps.

Gangs are specifically targeting the well trained working dogs such as Labradors and expensive pedigree dogs including Pugs and Chihuahuas to be used as bait.

So, how can we keep our pets safe?

Firstly, and probably the easiest option for smaller dogs, Pet Sensors. These sensors are like any other sensor for your alarm. However, they allow your pets to stay in the rooms they are fitted in while having the alarm on. Not only will this keep your dog safe you will no longer have to worry about leaving your dog outside or having an unsecured house while you’re out.

Second, flood lights. Thieves hate bright areas and this will also make you aware of movement on your property. This feature will not only keep your pets safe but you, your family and your possessions such as cars safe as well. Coming in late at night will be made safer with the security of light and opportunistic thieves will be deterred as soon as they see it knowing they can be seen and your house is protected.

Lastly the best option with the best levels of security, CCTV. Not only will thieves be deterred as they look for CCTV on properties, they will be caught in the act. Helping to improve not only your safety but the safety of your local area, as your CCTV may help the local police to catch the criminal alongside being able to identify your loved dog, or other possessions, and prove it is actually yours if it is taken.

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