Kristallo by Videx video colour monitor

Kristallo by Videx video colour monitor

Kristallo by Videx video colour monitor is a new addition to the popular Videx range

Available in a white or black finish in both surface and flush mounting options.

The 7” TFT LCD colour video monitor complements the existing range of Kristallo videophones and audio apartment stations.
Providing a larger screen and features such as touch sensitive controls, hands-free speech with simplex function, entrance recall,
door release, a timed do not disturb function and the ability to intercommunicate between multiple devices.

The 7” video monitor with an 800 x 480 pixel resolution full colour active matrix LCD screen is designed primarily for low and high-rise private
developments and individual houses where an attractive functional video monitor is desirable.

Accessories include flush boxes for both solid wall and dry line wall installation.


Why a door entry system?

Door entry systems are ideal for distant or remote doors especially if they need to be secure and only allow access to visitors to certain areas. They also comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and are excellent in giving access to disabled visitors or staff, especially if they require assistance as they can contact help by using the entry phone unit. Radium Security Systems Ltd  can fit a number of high quality systems from various manufacturers with a variety of finishes to suit your décor. Our range also includes vandal resistant speech stations should you consider this to be necessary.

We cater for all types of dwellings, from a large house or a block of flats with a number of floors and multi occupancy to a small apartment with single occupancy. We can assure you that whatever your needs we have the right door entry system for you.
The Audio Door Entry System (which is speech) only is the cheapest of all the systems and will allow the owner of the property to talk with the visitor before deciding if they will open the door to them. This may be an option that is not required as the occupant may wish to speak to the visitor and then go to the door and open it. This is quite common and stops tailgating, i.e. another person following the visitor in to the premises at the same time.
The Video Door Entry System although this is more expensive than the Audio version, it enables the occupant to see who is at the door.  This is much more reassuring and you may feel more inclined to use the door release button on the Handset once you have had sight of your visitor.
The external Speech Stations can be surface or flush mounted and come in a variety of finishes to suit every building. The vandal resistant type is very common outside the entrance doors to blocks of flats but can be fitted outside any home if required whether the building is traditional or ultra modern.
The Handsets located in the property can be flush or surface mounted and also comes in a range of finishes to blend in with the existing decor. Houses with multiple handsets can allow the system to be operated as an internal intercom system so you can speak with people in different parts of the property when so desired.

The Door Entry System can be integrated with your access control system to provide a full security package. This can have a tradesman facility to allow access to authorised tradesmen such as the milkman, postman etc. although this is more commonly used in commercial premises or residential buildings and not necessarily private dwellings.



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