I’ve been up more ladders than your local burglar…

https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/be248-656e0472-93d6-4dcf-ab3d-7171abcf3a86-v2I’ve been up more ladders than your local burglar…

Moving ‘home’ makes you reflect. And now we have just moved into some fantastic premises (see below) to help us continue to expand throughout Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire, I looked back over the last 32 years.

My job is to stop burglars taking everything that is precious to you. But ironically, I’ve probably been up a ladder hundreds of times more than your average burglar in their entire career.

Over the last 3 decades, I am very often called in AFTER a burglary. And I learn exactly how they got in and what they did. Just as much as your local CSI investigator. And it means I know how they think.

Our new premises reflect that experience. I chose our new home to act as the perfect platform to house the very latest in home security alarms, access control systems and remote CCTV coverage to protect you.

There is also a state-of-the-art training facility where I am passing on to the engineers of tomorrow everything I know to ensure you get the full benefit of my experience, even if it is not me climbing a ladder outside of your home.

Our New Home

Our New Home

Celebration Time

And what better way to toast our new home than making an offer for anyone you know who does not have a CCTV System?

Why not witness how you can have CCTV coverage which shows live feeds on your mobile of your home or place of work, regardless of where you are.

Can you think of anyone who can benefit? Join our celebration as we slash £200.00 off our usual price, so you pay just £499.00 inc VAT and installation costs.


That gets you a 4 channel digital video recorder with a 1TB hand drive and 2 high definition CCTV cameras installed at your home please click to download the full information

That way, if your alarm is going off when you’re not home, you’ll be alerted and you can see what’s happening regardless of where you happen to be.

While it may not be the best experience to witness people burgling your home or place of work on your Smartphone while you are on the beach in Spain, at least you’ll know instantly.

But just having Radium protecting your home or place of work dramatically reduces the chances of a burglar chancing their arm, being filmed and identified, while there are much easier pickings elsewhere. They’re much more likely to simply pass you by.

Call me on 0151 428 9999. Or share this with anyone you know who would love the peace of mind the very best in home security has to offer.

Why Not Call or click Now? This offer is open to orders placed before the end of October.

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