How shock sensors can help protect your windows and doors

Many people think that having a door or window with strong locks is enough to keep burglars out, but it doesn’t stop them from smashing the glass.

We recently went out to a home which had security locks on the patio door, so the burglar smashed the glass to gain entry.

While we recommend the use of strong locks, window shock sensors can be a valuable addition to your security system.

A shock sensor works in two ways. The first is detecting a continuous attack, such as tapping – for example if someone was trying to pull the beading off the window. It will count each tap and then activate after so many.

The second way it works is detecting a single heavy impact, such as someone trying to smash through the glass.

Unlike a glass break detector, a shock sensor doesn’t wait for the burglar to smash through the glass before activating the alarm. This means it could halt and scare-off of a burglar before they have broken in to your home.


Shock detector








Movement detectors can be used instead of, or alongside, shock sensors but they are not suitable in rooms where pets might accidentally set off the movement detector. For example if your dog was in the kitchen, you couldn’t set a movement detector in there but the shock detector on the window would still protect the room.

There are some other simple things you can do to protect your doors and windows:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked when you are out or at night.
  • If it’s warm and you want to leave windows open at night, fit window restrictors which will allow the window to be opened a small amount and prevent intruders from opening them further.
  • If you are sat in the back garden make sure any windows and doors that could be accessed from the front of the house are shut and locked.
  • Don’t leave anything around that a burglar could use to smash glass with.


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