Domestic CCTV



CCTV On Your Smartphone

Simple to use

Using your smartphone App to view CCTV footage could not be easier – install the app and select the camera you would like to view. It works over WiFi as well as 3G, 4G & the new 5G mobile networks.

Check out the quality:

High definition quality example

High definition quality example

Remote monitoring an essential feature for both domestic CCTV and commercial CCTV installations.
For a business owner, it is easy to see what is going on at the office, who is in the office and what is going on in the store room.

Whereas for the homeowner, a quick tap on the iPhone / Android and you can see your home or business is safe and your car is still on the drive.

We specialise in repairing other people’s CCTV systems any make or model, free quotations.

Your  typical CCTV comprises of a number of cameras

  • High resolution CCTV Cameras
  • High Definition with built in hard disk drive
  • Internet connected view from anywhere in the world
  • 14 days recording – and it still records even while playing back
  • Easy retrieval of footage from your smartphone or PC
  • On screen time and date 
    Network Video recorder

    Network Video recorder

Colour all the time grey

Colour all the time camera