CCTV of fake insurance claims

Without CCTV this would of been a successful insurance claim

A woman walks near to a cleaner mopping the floor then takes a quick look around to make sure she’s not being watched – before gently lowering herself to the floor.

This hilarious CCTV footage put to bed a bogus compensation claim by the chef who was seeking £8,000 for ‘slipping on a wet floor’.

Anita Quansah-Okoe, who was contracted to work at the House of Commons, is seen walking towards the cleaner and then gently lowering herself onto the ground.

The footage clearly shows her getting down onto her knees before lying down on her stomach and rearranging herself slightly before she calls for help.

She was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work in the community and pay £500 towards prosecution costs after being found guilty of fraud.


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