Burglars are now using a crytic codes to mark houses giving other potentional theives advice… do any of these look familiar to you?

A code of symbols giving potential burglars the heads up have been deciphered by police in Scotland. It is understood crooks may be using a series of sophisticated codes to offer a whole gambit of information on households such as whether there is an alarm system, whether it is a wealthy household and even to indicate that it has been burgled in the past. A “good target” is marked with a simple “X” and an “X” with circle round it symbolises that there is nothing of value to rob. Police have urged the general public to be on their guard and said anyone with any suspicions should call 101. Police have arrested three men in the East Kilbride area in connection with alleged offences within the last two weeks.

If you or someone you know have experienced such markings or similar criminal events please leave a comment below to help others keep themselves safe, thank you.

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