Should my burglar alarm go off during a power cut

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Should my burglar alarm go off during a power cut?” Our response is no, it shouldn’t.

During a power cut your burglar alarm shouldn’t be going off as the backup battery should be able to provide the alarm with power during a the power cut for at least 12 hours.

However, if your alarm does go off during a power cut, you have a fault. This means the back up battery which is meant to keep the alarm running, is unable to keep the alarm system running therefore setting the alarm off.

It could be a faulty battery or the circuit that charges the battery needs attention

To avoid any faults with your burglar alarm, it needs to be regularly serviced. Having your alarm systems serviced is generally a basic insurance requirement – you may find your policy is void if your alarm hasn’t been serviced. By testing and servicing your burglar alarm, it help to keep it in optimum condition and often we can locate a fault before it becomes a problem for you.

We once picked up on a major fault on a client’s burglar alarm system. The control panel was very close to failing leaving their house as well as themselves with no protection at all! As identified the fault, we were able to carry out a suitable repair before the system completely failed. Servicing your alarm will not only improve your safety, but also provide you with peace of mind knowing you have security.

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