One big mistake everyone makes in keeping their property safe.

People always ask me “What is a big security mistake you see people making?” and I always tell them that simply too many people forget, can’t be bothered or are simply unaware that if you own a safe it’s only useful if its bolted down using a purpose made bolting kit. It is a known fact that most burglaries in the UK are “smash and grab”. This is where opportunists with minimal planning break into a properties with valued goods on show and grab as many things as they can in as little time as possible. Many of these “smash and grabs” involve checking wardrobes and cupboards for safes and lock boxes. If the safe is locked and securely bolted down most of the time the intruder will leave it and continue on with finding other easier to reach goods but if the safe is lock and unbolted then are more likely to pick the safe up and take it with them. Once the safe is out of the property the burglars then have unlimited time to work on with any power tools or machinery they see fit. This is why it is vital to spend a few minutes bolting down any safes you have around the home to protect you from having not only your safe stolen, but all the valued goods contained inside it.

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